Rescue & Rehoming

We rescue more than 4,000 injured, sick and suffering animals, both large and small, every year.

One of the major roles of Help in Suffering is to rescue and treat sick and injured animals from around Jaipur. Rescued animals are brought in our ambulances to our hospital where they are given the best treatment possible.



Our rescue teams are out helping suffering animals from early morning to late night. We have two ambulances for smaller animals and a large animal ambulance with hydraulic ramp for large animals such as camels, horses, donkeys and cattle. Rescues can involve dogs hit by cars; sick horses abandoned by their owners; cattle with stomachs full of plastic and rubbish; electrocuted moneys, birds injured by kite string. Sometimes our teams have to rescue animals from wells, culverts, towers and similar unlikely places. Many rescues involve animals in great distress and suffering. Our skilled rescue teams provide immediate relief where they can and carry the rescued animal back to the Hospital where a veterinary surgeon examines every case and treatment is started. Rescued animals remain under treatment in the hospital until recovered when they are released, adopted, sent to gaushalas, returned to guardians as appropriate.


We always have puppies and other animals that require new homes. Please adopt a desi dog.
Contact: Kapil Bajpai 8107299711 or 9782061565


Help in Suffering also runs a veterinary clinic for pets and production animals. A donation is sought from owners with this money being used to help the treatment of rescued animals. The clinic provides vaccination and deworming, advice and treatment.